I know what its like to feel lost, to have my power stripped from me, and to live with the repercussions of being ill-prepared.

I have had the fortune of a second chance and understand the work that's required to take your power back. 

I have had to get bold and informed and I've triumphed over my doubts.

(All of this has led me to where I am today.)

Today, I am a conscious parent and grateful for the gifts I've been given.

I am raising my babies alongside my steadfast partner and we spend our time exploring the world with curious eyes.

I am a birth photographer who works with families whom are conscious and invested in their birth experiences. Through my work, I chronicle the power and potential of their bodies during birth.

I bear witness to incredible moments of redemption and empowerment and in doing so, help heal systemic wounds of disempowerment and distrust. 

Birth is the most impactful and important moment of a person's life. Being invested in a positive and informed pregnancy and birth is a vital piece of everyone's parenting journey.

Documenting the work that a family has put into their birth is significant and meaningful, not only for the person giving birth, but for how society views birth as a whole.


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