The Second Time Around: Maternity Session / by Toni Botas

The Parsons are expecting their second bundle of joy in just a few short weeks. I had the honour of documenting a maternity session for them as they wait patiently for labour to start. I cannot wait to be present and documenting their birth. The plan is a home water birth, with the wonderful Barrie Midwives in attendance. 

I am so grateful to live in a country where midwifery care is easily accessible and free. The knowledge and wisdom our local midwives provide to our community are humbling to witness. Their dedication to their patients and families is incomparable to any other form of care I have seen. 

For my 3rd birth, I also chose to seek care from the Barrie Midwives and I am so grateful that I did. Their care throughout my pregnancy, birth, but especially the 6-week postpartum window that follows was crucial for my mental well being. Simply knowing I had a professional coming to our home to check up on us was therapeutic for me. 

I am certain that they will offer the same skill, wisdom, and compassion for the Parsons upcoming birth. 

Stay tuned for that birth blog!