Toni Botas

If You Could Stay This Little

Toni Botas
If You Could Stay This Little


  • I could stay the most important person in your life forever
  • You would never worry about "fitting in"
  • There would be something new and exciting to discover every single day
  • You would never know about things like racism, persecution, or poverty 
  • My arms would never be empty

But if you DID stay this little...

  • You'd never know the value of relationships outside of ours, that teach you so many different aspects of life that I would NEVER be able to cover all on my own
  • You would never truly become your own person and discover who you are
  • You would never know the beauty in the ordinary, and the glory of a "pause"
  • You would not grow in your views, your outlook, or your capacity for empathy and compassion
  • Your arms would never be full with the bulk of your own young