The Birth of Annie / by Toni Botas

Birth is a rollercoaster. This sweet couple are second time clients of mine. They had planned on having a home waterbith with their midwives, but after 48 hours of ruptured membranes and no labour, decided to be admitted to the hospital and start an induction. It was not an easy decision, but one they knew deep down was the best decision for their family.

It is always an honour when I am able to be a doula + photographer for my clients, but these two made it extra special to be invited to. They prayed together, they laughed together, they worked diligently and united to bring their 2nd baby girl earthside.

They have felt the heartbreak of suffering a first trimester loss, and their babies have all been conceived through IVF.
Proverbs 13:12 (one of my favourite verses) holds deep within my heart for this journey.

Thank you to Team RVH for your kindness, empathy, and advocacy during this birth. As a doula, it brings me such comfort to see providers listening to their patients with an empathetic ear and supporting through patient-centered care.

And as always, thank you to Barrie Midwives for being the amazing providers that you are. Your innate wisdom of birth and respecting your patients autonomy is never gone unnoticed.

This is the birth story of Anabelle.