Beautiful British Columbia by Toni Botas

The Mountains Are Calling…

For me personally, they have been calling my entire life. It took me 30 years to finally make the trek out west to explore them! In the hills, I felt a sense of overwhelming awe and confusion. My brain could not comprehend (entirely) what my eyes were seeing. It was visual sensory overload in the most fantastic of ways.

I am so grateful for my time in British Columbia, even if we were “socked in” for the majority of the trip, I still managed to capture some of the majestic scenes I came across.

Fuji Film X-T2

Tribe Archipelago

Leaving My Twenties Behind Me by Toni Botas

While the road ahead is mysterious and unpredictable, it calls to me. It has a beauty and vastness that forces me to lean into it, and feel the discomfort and fear. Turning back is not an option. I can’t stay where I am. My feet have terrains to travel over, and my heart has so much more to grow.

This time, I hope I am softer around the edges and accepting of the inevitable bumps.

Wanderlust: Mexico by Toni Botas

At the very begining of this year we embarked on a journey with two of our best friends and we road-tripped down to Miami from Barrie for a much needed cruise vacation. (For those of you who aren't savy with the geographical locations of those points, it was a 33 hour car ride.) 

We boarded an NCL cruise ship in the port of Miami, hung out in the sun, met some crazy awesome people, and I had THE BEST BIRTHDAY, EVER. I got to hang out with a bunch of capuchin monkeys at an animal sanctuary in Roatan and my entire year was made thereafter. 

I of course, had my Fuji Film XT2 with me everywhere I went, and made sure to try to capture as much of our adventure as I could, I even found PIRATES! The most prominent thing I noticed all around me were the colours! Everything so rich and bright, it made coming back home to a gloomy and cold Canadian winter really tough.

 Enjoy the glimpse into what we saw.