Cruise Vacation

Wanderlust: Mexico by Toni Botas

At the very begining of this year we embarked on a journey with two of our best friends and we road-tripped down to Miami from Barrie for a much needed cruise vacation. (For those of you who aren't savy with the geographical locations of those points, it was a 33 hour car ride.) 

We boarded an NCL cruise ship in the port of Miami, hung out in the sun, met some crazy awesome people, and I had THE BEST BIRTHDAY, EVER. I got to hang out with a bunch of capuchin monkeys at an animal sanctuary in Roatan and my entire year was made thereafter. 

I of course, had my Fuji Film XT2 with me everywhere I went, and made sure to try to capture as much of our adventure as I could, I even found PIRATES! The most prominent thing I noticed all around me were the colours! Everything so rich and bright, it made coming back home to a gloomy and cold Canadian winter really tough.

 Enjoy the glimpse into what we saw.