The Birth of Jasper by Toni Botas

I met Natasha while teaching my Childbirth Education classes at Serenity Birth Studio. After class, she approached me to ask if I was available to document her birth as she had fallen in love with my work. Gladly, I said yes. When I finally got the call that it was baby time, I walked into their home to see Natasha was just about ready to start pushing. Her strength and determination were absolutely incredible to witness. I am so honoured that she has allowed me to share her birth images as I know that these are such intimate moments.

Natasha’s words to me were “I have looked at (my images) so many times it is incredible for me to see what everyone else was watching happen. I couldn’t be happier that we decided to have these moments captured.”

Just a heads up, these are birth images, so some are graphic, but MAN are they beautiful. Thank you once again to the amazing team at the Barrie Midwives, you are always such a pleasure to work alongside!

The Birth of Margo Catherine by Toni Botas

"The Power of a birth plan, is not the plan itself, but in the knowledge you gain from understanding your options"

The plan for Caitlynn and Sean was that their baby be born at home, ideally in the water. However, an unexpected transfer to hospital meant that was no longer going to be part of Caitlynn's birth experience.

Every step of the way, thanks to the stellar birth support team and partner, having her options explained, and making decisions that felt right to her, she was able to have a beautiful and empowering birth experience.