The Birth of Benett / by Toni Botas

This beautiful family welcomed their 2nd child May of this year. Momma was 1 day away from having an induction due to going 2 weeks "post dates." As her doula/tog we had many phone conversations leading up to the birth and talked a lot about her options in terms of buying time for her and baby if all was well. She desperately wanted to avoid an induction, and having a natural medication-free birth was extremely important to her. She had a wonderful natural birth with her first baby and was planning the same thing for her 2nd son. The thought of Pitocin made her anxious, and she wanted to avoid as many interventions as possible.

 The evening before her scheduled induction, at 41 +6 days gestation, she called in that hushed, out-of-breath tone labouring people tend to have. "Toni. I think I'm in labor, we're heading to the hospital and you can meet us there." 

When I arrived at the hospital and greeted them at the main entrance, I saw momma laughing and smiling and rubbing her belly and thought "Maybe we got a little TOO excited." I wondered what we would find out in the birthing unit once she was checked and hoped for her mental wellbeing, they wouldn't have to augment her labor. Best case scenario would be that she was a least 4cm so they would admit her. When we finally got up to triage, I was both surprised and excited to hear that momma was 6-7cm and labour was well on its way. 

Once she was settled into her labor room, there was a noticeable shift in her demeanor /personality. I knew what I was seeing was that distinctive shift from active labor to transition. Sure enough, within an hour of getting to the hospital laughing and joking, momma had progressed to fully/complete and it was time for baby to be born. 

Little Bennett came into the world more quickly than anyone was anticipating, but her providers and partner were absolute rocks the entire time. Momma was able to have her natural hospital birth once again and narrowly missed an unwanted induction by mere hours. Once the shock of how quickly everything happened faded, the family was able to enjoy their newest love.

It always amazes me what giving women and babies just a LITTLE bit more time would do for families all over the world. Often times it is a case of failure-to-wait vs failure-to-progress. Our bodies are so wise, and our babies are (maybe) even more so