The Birth of Nathan / by Toni Botas

I had the absolute pleasure and honour of being present at my oldest and dearest friend's birth. This was their second child and I had been part of their support team for their first birth as well. 

Amanda went early with her daughter, but her son had different plans. At almost a week passed her "guess date" she texted me saying she had been at the hospital for an NST and check and she was apparently 7cm dilated without having any actual labour symptoms. She was told to go home, but come back as soon as she had a couple contractions. 

When she called me an hour later saying she was "starting to cramp" I raced over to meet them at the hospital. She was admitted at 10:00 pm and little Nathan was in her arms by 11:17 pm. It was the fastest labour I have ever attended, but ohhhhh so joyous. 

My favourite part of this birth was the time and date of his birth. He was born at 11:17 pm, on 11/17/17. Pretty freakin' special if you ask me!